SHARE performance at The Iron Factory

November 4th & 5th @ 8:00pm

$15 purchase tickets here

Featuring work by members Melisa Clark, Meredith Stapleton, Darcy Lyons, and Andy Thierauf created in the shared working space at The Iron Factory.


Artistic Concept and Direction: Melisa Clark

Collaborators and Performers: Melisa Clark, Sarena Kabakoff, Dawn Ann Perez

Video and Sound Design: Melisa Clark

Text: Written by the performers

Shifting from movement to text and text to movement, we cast limbs and breath into the space between lines. Pause and breathe in haikus of movement (witnessed bodies).

       we sit close, watch, wait

                              rustling breeze, spider web

breath shudder body

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She Comes From The Sea

Iron Factory Residency Showing

Saturday March 5th, 2016 @ 8pm

She Comes From the Sea

As the Iron Factory’s Winter Artist-in-Residence, I have been engaged in a regular studio practice with dancers Sarena Kabakoff and Dawn Ann Perez.  Our focus has centered on bodyscape in connection to landscape; our personal dance exploring the microcosm of our bodies.

‘Our body as a visceral, cavernous being.’

Anchors have continuously drifted in our studio practice, we have swayed on the ocean surface only to be gorgeously pulled beneath the current into another world of movement and creative explorations. This process has occurred over and over again. And just as you never step into a river at the same point twice, neither do we step into our practice in the same place twice.

I invite you to a showing of our explorations on March 5th at The Iron Factory –
118 Fontain Street 3rd Floor, Philadelphia

Tickets: $10 click here to purchase online

Food and drinks free with the performance

“I sense skin and fascia as surface – topography. I perceive muscle as having depth and volume – geology. Skeletal joints are characterized by orbital movement – astronomy. The fluid systems of blood and lymph are identified by the rate and rhythm of their directional linear flow – fluid dynamics of rivers, streams, and bogs. The glandular and organ systems are perceivable as moving in elaborate patterns of confluent function throughout the body; generated by long diurnal cycles and biorhythms – oceanography…I begin to comprehend the complex web patterns of the nervous system if I think orchestrally – music of the galaxies.” 

excerpt from Taking Root to Fly by Irene Dowd


Melisa Clark


Sarena Kabakoff


Dawn Ann Perez

She Comes From The Sea from PIMA Group on Vimeo.

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PIMA Group performs at Mascher Dance Space 10th Anniversary Cabaret


PIMA Group performs @ Mascher Space
10th Anniversary Cabaret

The Mirror That Is Me Reflects You
Friday November 20th @ 8pm 
following ‘Fresh Juice’ performances by Christina Gesualdi and Other Case Notes

at Mascher Space
155 Cecil B Moore, Phila, PA 19122
Tickets: $11-16
The Mirror That Is Me Reflects You, has been created in collaboration with dancer Dawn Ann Perez. The movement score draws inspiration from Max Ernst’s collages found in Une Semaine de Bonté, literature from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, and the photography of Francesca Woodman.

Performed by:
Melisa Clark
Dawn Ann Perez

More Information:

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Haunted Haiku Dances


Saturday June 20th

A curated evening of experimental film shorts blends with the outdoor ‘Haunted Haiku’ dance performances of Melisa Clark and Dawn Ann Perez. Come get Kenzo Kultured…

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